Truck Accidents

All the things that make car accidents so dangerous are exacerbated in truck accidents. Trucks are heavier, less maneuverable, and harder to stop. Truck accidents injure and kill thousands of people every year.

Truck accidents often cause catastrophic injuries or death. The size, weight, and speed of a semi truck or other commercial vehicle usually mean that smaller vehicles and their passengers fare badly in highway accidents. When a crash and resulting injuries were caused by the negligence of the truck driver, the trucking company, or another liable party, the victims may be eligible for compensation and damages.

Who Can You Recover From?

When you’re injured through the fault of another person, you shouldn’t have to pay the price. That’s why the law allows you to sue for compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs associated with your injury. When you’re injured in a trucking accident, you may be able to seek compensation from a number of sources. First, you may be able to sue the driver individually. You may also be able to sue the company that owns the truck and hired the driver. In either case, you’ll probably end up dealing with an insurance company.

We Can Help

It’s not easy to fight a legal battle against an insurance company. They employ whole departments of attorneys to avoid paying out to people injured in truck crashes. You need an expert truck accident attorney on your side to protect your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Our firm has the resources to investigate truck accidents thoroughly. We often retain the services of an accident reconstruction expert to help determine the cause of the collision. We review driver logs and maintenance reports to ensure all laws were followed by the trucker and the trucking company. We have the technical expertise to understand the information provided by the truck’s GPS system that can verify or refute a driver’s report.

Our truck accident attorneys also review the trucker’s driving record, the hiring and training practices of the trucking company and the facts of the accident itself. We fly our lawyers all over the United States to obtain depositions from experts and specialists in trucking company operations, weather, road design and mechanics.

We take trucking accident cases on a contingent fee basis, so you’ll never pay a penny out of pocket. We don’t get paid unless you do. Contact one of our expert trucking accident attorneys today for a free consultation and case evaluation to learn about your options.